Helping families wealth, unity and hapiness across multiple generations

For the last 18 years, Clint Haggard has been a family office CFO for a number of families, including his 11 years with the Haggard Family. A transition in Clint’s career goals began to take place in 2001 when he started working on the financial side for other families. There was a thirst for knowledge about what the Haggards had accomplished that had nothing to do with accounting or finance.
The families wanted to know how the Haggards had managed to preserve their assets for over 150 years while maintaining family unity.

Clint is one of many cousins with a shared family vision and ownership in the family business.
He is one of the many guardians and beneficiaries of his great-great-great grandfather’s hard work.

Clint is also the father of four children that are being prepared for the next generation of many challenges and responsibilities.

This website has information about Clint Haggard as well as his work helping other families implement the common elements found in a successful multigenerational family and its family office or business.